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Custom formulae for Homebrew
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Homebrew Custom

hguandl's custom packges, with some personal options. Use at your own risk.

Tap this formula repo

brew tap hguandl/custom

Install formulae from this repo

brew install hguandl/custom/<formula>


- boringssl

A fork of OpenSSL that is designed to meet Google's needs. Built from Google BoringSSL.

- libass

Use Fontconfig instead of CoreText to avoid issues on fontname matching. See

- nginx

Patched to support SDPY, HPACK and strict-SNI. See kn007/patch. Use BoringSSL as SSL library. Add custom optimizations including brotli and jemalloc.

- ffmpeg

Prune some unused dependencies. Use libass built with Fontconfig.


File name to long @ rb_sysopen

It is a bug for older brew, which has been fixed in 277e8d4. If you are using a version before 2019-01-31T19:16Z, just execute brew update to upgrade it.

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