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Minify your packages ahead of `npm publish` to reduce dependency bloat for your users.
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Minify your packages ahead of npm publish to reduce dependency bloat for your users.

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  • npm install --global npm-minify
  • yarn global add npm-minify

What it does

  1. Deletes and recreates a dist directory in the root of your project
  2. Recursively copies all the files you specify to dist
  3. Rewrites package.json to remove devDependencies and scripts, then minifies it
  4. Rewrites README, replacing a section marked # API with a link to your GitHub’s README

Npm-minify is non-destructive except for the dist directory.

What it doesn’t do

Minification of JavaScript or other assets. As package authors, we should assume that end users have their own build process and not publish pre-minified assets.


First, add a .npmminify.js file to the root of your project, specifying which files should be copied (or not copied) to dist using a glob syntax. For example:

module.exports = {
  "filter": [

Then, when you’re ready to publish:

yarn version # or npm version
cd dist
npm publish

Alternatively, you can specify the filter list as a comma-separated command-line argument:

npm-minify --filter '**/*.js,rng/hvml.rng,!**/*.test.js,!jest.config.js,!node_modules/**,!coverage/**,!dev.js,!npmify.js'

If you specify filter in both .npmminify.js and as a command-line argument, npm-minify will combine the two.

If you specify no filter, then it defaults to copying over all .js files, while ignoring:

  • node_modules/
  • coverage/
  • test/
  • .test.js files
  • .npm-minify.js
  • jest.config.js
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