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from insertion_sort import insertion_sort
class Weighted_graph:
Implement a weighted graph with a 2d list and a corresponding weight list
Vertices are represented by elements(eg. 1,2,3) in the graph list and edges are represented by a list collection of each 2 vertices
(eg. [1,2])
edges = []
weight = []
vertices = []
def __init__(self, edge_list, weight):
#### Private Methods ####
def __sort(self):
Sorts both edges and weight lists in nondecreasing order of weight list elements
if len(self.edges) != len(self.weight):
for i in range(1, len(self.weight)):
temp_weight = self.weight[i]
temp_edge = self.edges[i]
current = i - 1
while current >= 0 and temp_weight < self.weight[current]:
self.weight[current+1] = self.weight[current]
self.edges[current+1] = self.edges[current]
current -= 1
self.weight[current+1] = temp_weight
self.edges[current+1] = temp_edge
def __makeset(self):
Initialize each vertex to its own component
for i in range(len(self.edges)):
for j in range(len(self.edges[i])):
if self.edges[i][j] not in self.vertices:
for k in range(len(self.vertices)):
self.vertices[k] = [self.vertices[k]]
def __findset(self, vertex):
Find and return the index to which vertex belongs in vertices list
for i in range(len(self.vertices)):
for element in self.vertices[i]:
if element == vertex:
return i
return None
def __union(self, vertex1, vertex2):
Joins 2 vertex together
index1 = self.__findset(vertex1)
index2 = self.__findset(vertex2)
for element in self.vertices[index2]:
#### Public Methods ####
def add(self, edge_list, weight):
Add an edge(defined by 2 vertices in a list) and its corresponding weight to edges
def kruskal(self):
count, i = 0, 0
while len(self.vertices) > 1:
if self.__findset(self.edges[i][0]) != self.__findset(self.edges[i][1]):
print "(%d %d) edge selected." % (self.edges[i][0], self.edges[i][1])
count += 1
self.__union(self.edges[i][0], self.edges[i][1])
i += 1
def print_graph(self):
Print each set of edges in a graph and its corresponding edges
print self.edges
print self.weight
print self.vertices
def print_attributes(obj):
Trverses the items in the object's dictionary and prints each attribute name to its corresponding value
for attr in obj.__dict__:
print attr, getattr(obj, attr)
def find_defining_class(obj, method_name):
Uses the method resolution method(MRO) to get the list of class objects(types) that will be searched for methods.
Return the class to which the method 'method_name' belong to.
for origin in type(obj).mro():
if method_name in origin.__dict__:
return origin
if __name__ == "__main__":
test_graph = Weighted_graph([1,2], 4)
test_graph.add([1,3], 2)
test_graph.add([1,5], 3)
test_graph.add([2,4], 5)
test_graph.add([3,4], 1)
test_graph.add([3,5], 6)
test_graph.add([3,6], 3)
test_graph.add([4,6], 6)
test_graph.add([5,6], 2)