smartcrop implementation in Python
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smartcrop implementation in Python

smartcrop finds good crops for arbitrary images and crop sizes, based on Jonas Wagner's smartcrop.js


  • PIL or Pillow


pip install --upgrade git+


command-line tool FILE

use module

import sys
import json
from PIL import Image
import smartcrop

sc = smartcrop.SmartCrop()
crop_options = smartcrop.DEFAULTS
crop_options['width'] = 100
crop_options['height'] = 100

img =[1])
ret = sc.crop(img, crop_options)
print(json.dumps(ret, indent=2)) is slower than smartcrop.js

$ identify images/t.jpg
images/t.jpg JPEG 3200x2403 3200x2403+0+0 8-bit DirectClass 2.066MB 0.000u 0:00.000
$ time smartcrop --width 300 --height 300 images/t.jpg
smartcrop --width 300 --height 300 images/t.jpg  0.30s user 0.11s system 100% cpu 0.414 total
$ time smartcroppy --width 300 --height 300 images/t.jpg
smartcroppy --width 300 --height 300 images/t.jpg  3.74s user 0.31s system 99% cpu 4.051 total