C# .NET MONO NOSQL ( key value store ) ACID embedded database management system.
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DBreeze Database is a professional, open-source, NoSql ( embedded Key-Value store ), transactional, ACID-compliant, multi-threaded, object database management system for .NET 3.5> / Xamarin MONO Android iOS / .NET Core / Universal Windows Platform / .NET Portable . Written in C#

  • It's a free software for those, who think that it should be free.
  • Since June 2012 is used in our own production environment.
  • Follow the project, to be in touch with the recent optimizations and enhancements.
  • DBreeze via NuGet since Januar 2014.
  • DBreeze for .NETCore, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), .NET 4.5.1 grab via NuGet.
  • Works on Linux, Windows, OS X. Via Xamarin on Android, iOS.
  • DBreeze is listed in nosql-database.org
  • Read "Changes in versions" document.

Its homepage is http://dbreeze.tiesky.com or http://dbreeze.codeplex.com

Key features:

  • Fully managed code, platform independent and without reference to other libraries.
  • ACID compliant.
  • Multi-threaded, with a solution for deadlocks resolving/elimination, parallel reads and synchronized writes/reads.
  • No fixed scheme for table names (construction and access on the fly).
  • Tables can reside in mixed locations: different folders, hard drives, memory.
  • Liana-Trie indexing technology. Database indexes (keys) never need to be defragmented. Speed of insert/update/remove operations doesn't grow up during the time.
  • Ability to access Key/Value pair of a table by physical link, what can economize time for joining necessary data structures.
  • No limits for database size (except "long" size for each table and physical resources constraints).
  • Low memory and physical space consumption, also while random inserts and updates. Updates reside the same physical space, if possible.
  • High performance of CRUD operations. When you need, unleash DBreeze power and get 500000 key/value pairs insert or 260K updates per second per core into sorted table on the hard drive of standard PC.
  • High speed of random keys batch insert and updates (batch must be sorted in memory ascending and non-overwrite flag must be set).
  • Range selects / Traversing (Forward, Backward, From/To, Skip, StartsWith etc). Remove keys, change keys.
  • Keys and values, on the low level, are always byte arrays.
  • Max. key size is 65KB, max. value size is 2GB. Value can be represented as a set of columns, where can be stored data types of fixed or dynamic length. Every dynamic datablock can be of size 2GB.
  • Rich set of conversion functions from/to between byte[] and other data types.
  • Nested / Fractal tables which can reside inside of master tables values.
  • Incremental backup/restore option.
  • Integrated text-search subsystem (full-text/partial).
  • DBreeze is a foundation for complex data storage solutions (graph/neuro, object, document, text search etc. data layers). Please, study documentation to understand all abilities of DBreeze.