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GlPortal is a puzzle game where you have to use teleportation to reach the exit.

GlPortal was created by Simon Larsen in 2012 and Henry Hirsch took over development in 2013. In 2014 Julian Thijssen joined the development team.

You can find the website at .

Chat with us at in the channel ##glportal.



  • Henry Hirsch
  • Julian Thijssen
  • Stephan Vedder
  • Xantares
  • Dorian Wouters


  • Urpo Lankinen - Bitmap Font
  • Kuronus for Blendswap - FPS Hands rigged (added portal egg)
  • Jason Pulkkinen - GlPortal logo

Compile the source

For instructions on how to compile the game please read

Join the team

Chat with us at in the channel ##glportal for questions and discussions about the development of the game. Report Issues to .

Please send me a pull request on github if you have changes.

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