Full MapOsMatic installation in an Ubuntu VM
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Performs a full MapOsMatic installation in an Ubuntu 15.10 VM using Vagrant and shell provisioning


The following components will be installed into the VM:

  • OCitysMap rendering backend (from my own modified fork)
  • MapOSMatic web frontend (again from my own fork)
  • Stylesheets:
  • Current OSM default style
  • MapOSMatic Printable style
  • HikeBikeMap style
  • Humanitarian style (HOT)
  • MapQuest European style
  • German openstreetmap.de style
  • Overlay stylesheets:
  • Golf overlay
  • Fire Hydrant overlay


  • A working Vagrant setup

  • A minimum of 2GB available RAM for the VM and a working internet connection

Installation and useage

  • copy a OSM PBF extract of your choice into this directory and rename it to +data.osm.pbf+

  • run "vagrant up"

  • be patient ...

  • first build can take quite a while as it needs to compile Mapnik from scratch, this step gets much faster as Ccache is used and its cache files are preserved outside the VM

  • the stylesheets require quite some extra downloads, and some processing on these (shape files, height information, ...)

  • importing the provided OSM PBF file can take some time, too, depending on its size ...

  • once the VM is fully started and provisioned you can use your MapOsMatic instance on http://localhost:8000/