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Open City Street Map

ocitysmap generates a city street map, using the OpenStreetMap project's data
and the MapNik map renderer. The generated maps are vector graphics images,
including a street index and city grid.

For example, for a simple Chevreuse rendering, run:

 ./render.py -t "Ceci n'est pas Paris" --osmid=-943886

Alternatively you may specify a bounding box rather than an OSM ID:

 ./render.py -t "Ceci n'est pas Paris" -b 48.7268,1.9946 48.6801,2.0742

This is useful when OpenStreetMap does not contain the administrative
boundary of the city you want to render. To determine the OSM ID
and/or the bounding box of cities from their name, please use the
nominatim service: http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/

By default, the maps are generated in PDF format with the street index
at the bottom, with an additional CSV containing the street index. To
see the available options to change this behavior, please run:

  ./render.py --help

See INSTALL for installation instructions.

This code is under AGPLv3 (GNU Affero General Public License 3.0) except
the included OpenStreetMap logo under CC-BY-SA (Creative Common
Attribution-Share Alike) license.