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Keyboard Dynamics - A better way to authenticate
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##Keyboard Dynamics - A better way to authenticate typer-s (s for secure) is a software piece written in python which is implemented on top of AI through ML to make your environment secure. I believe every one who is belonging to homo-sapiens has a unique pattern. It was difficult to implement an algorithm to analyze this complex pattern earlier. But as the advancement of technology we could make our path easier to the success.

Keyboard dynamics is a concept came and believed as an equivalent authentication hardening mechanism as biometrics. Its using the pattern analysis for security when people thought patterns can be unique. In fact, the concept was right to an extent. But by introducing the notion of AI and broadly implementing ML up on it, we would be able to achieve highly reliable security measures that might be stronger than biometrics

Current algorithm was designed to working on top of 3 tree like data structure. These trees store different information about the user. Trees process the information and find the uniqueness in the pattern and store it. Then the post processing comes where we would use the AI concepts and make it to the next level. So even if the trees failed to find uniqueness of a user at some instances, ML algorthims would be able to recognize it while comparing to other unique features identified by the tree. Algorithms, feature vectors structure etc has be decided. Development is in idle phase now, planning to continue by October/November

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