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grade combinations


This repository contains replication files for the paper: "High-Stakes Grades and Student Behavior" by Hans Henrik Sievertsen and Ulrik Hvidman (see:


The repository contains three folders:

  1. adofiles: contains Stata .ado files that defines functions (programs) written by the authors.
  2. dofiles: contains two folders of Stata .do files and two .do files.
    • the file specifies the working directory, globals etc.
    • the file provides model specificaitons.
    • the folder databuild contains Stata .do files that creates the dataset used for analyses based on files from Statistics Denmark.
    • the folder analysis contains Stata .do files that creates all tables and figures for the manuscript.
  3. grade combinations contains two files.
    • calculations the number of combinations that can lead to a certain GPA
    • create_charts_in_R creates visualizations using the results
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