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The firmware of Craftalight - the OSWH USB-Powered LED light for your (hand)bag
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This repository contains the firmware for Craftalight, the open source hardware USB-powered LED light for your (hand)bag.

The hardware repository for Craftalight is over there: craftalight-hardware on Github

NOTE: this document is a work-in-progress

Development environment setup

You need an up-to-date version of Visual Studio Code. Then go to and follow the instructions to install the VS Code extension.

Next, clone this repository and open it in Visual Studio Code

Debugging and flashing

To connect the debug probe (you will need an STLink V2 or another SWIM-Compatible debug probe PlatformIO can deal with) connect the pins labeled as SWIM-Port on the PCB as follow (from left to right):

  1. Ground (square pad)
  2. SWIM
  3. NRST
  4. VCC Ref (!! not meant as supply for the board, do not connect on STLink clones when using a USB supply at the same time !!)

The PlatformIO enviromnent enables you to do real debugging on the Craftalight. If you just want to flash a new firmware to the Craftalight, you can you can use other tools (like ST STM8 Visual Programmer or stm8flash) to do so.


This software is under GPLv3 licence. See LICENCE file for a full copy of the terms.

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