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leiningen-newnew based plugin to generate a standard toolchain for clojure websites based on enlive, noir, and ibdknox's CLJS libraries
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A Leiningen template for creating a Noir project with a complete toolchain including:

  • [enlive][enlive]
  • [enfocus][enfocus]
  • [jayq][jayq]
  • [fetch][fetch]
  • [lein-cljsbuild][lein-cljsbuild]
  • [marginalia][marginalia]
  • [html5 boilerplate][html5boilerplate]


Install the plugin with [lein][lein]:

lein plugin install lein-newnew 0.1.2
git clone git://
cd hutch-web
lein install
lein plugin install hutch-web 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT

To create a new project,

lein new hutch-web my-project

## License

Copyright © 2012 Hunter Hutchinson

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

[fetch]: "A ClojureScript library for Client/Server interaction"
[jayq]: "A ClojureScript wrapper for jQuery"
[lein]: "Leiningen Clojure Build Tool"
[html5boilerplate]: "HTML5 Best Practices"
[enlive]: "HTML DOM parser for Templating"
[enfocus]: "Enlive-like DOM parsing and manipulation in clojurescript"
[lein-cljsbuild]: "Automatically compile CLJS files"
[marginalia]: "Docco-like inline source documentation"
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