A framework and corresponding koans to learn the core Java language, best practices, and TDD
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Running Instructions:
1. Download and unarchive the contents of the most recent java-koans in development from:
2. Open a terminal and cd to the 'koans' directory from within the archive (koans-lib is the source directory for the koans engine, and koans-tests is the source directory for unit tests against the koans engine - both are unnecessary for advancing through the koans)
3. Run run.bat or run.sh (whichever is applicable for your OS)

Developing a Koan:
1. Follow any of the existing koans as an example to create a new class w/ koan methods (indicated by the @Koan annotation)
2. Define the order and metadata associated with each koan in the PathToEnlightment.xml
3. If necessary - use dynamic content in your lesson, examples are located in XmlVariableInjector class (and Test) and the AboutKoans.java file