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jclouds is an open source library that helps you get started in the cloud
and reuse your java and clojure development skills. Our api allows you to
freedom to use portable abstractions or cloud-specific features. We have
two abstractions at the moment: compute and blobstore. compute helps you
bootstrap machines in the cloud. blobstore helps you manage key-value
our current version is 1.4.0
our next maintenance version is 1.4.1-SNAPSHOT
our dev version is 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
check out our examples site!
our compute api supports: aws-ec2, gogrid, cloudservers-us, stub (in-memory), deltacloud,
cloudservers-uk, vcloud (generic), ec2 (generic), byon, nova,
trmk-ecloud, trmk-vcloudexpress, eucalyptus (generic)
cloudsigma-zrh, elasticstack(generic), go2cloud-jhb1, cloudsigma-lvs,
bluelock-vcloud-zone01, stratogen-vcloud-mycloud, rimuhosting,
slicehost, eucalyptus-partnercloud-ec2, elastichosts-lon-p (Peer 1),
elastichosts-sat-p (Peer 1), elastichosts-lon-b (BlueSquare),
openhosting-east1, serverlove-z1-man, skalicloud-sdg-my,
greenhousedata-element-vcloud, softlayer, cloudsigma (generic),
cloudstack (generic), ninefold-compute, openstack-nov (keystone),
hpcloud-compute, trystack-nova, openstack-nova-ec2
* note * the pom dependency org.jclouds/jclouds-allcompute gives you access to
to all of these providers
our blobstore api supports: aws-s3, cloudfiles-us, cloudfiles-uk, filesystem,
azureblob, atmos (generic), synaptic-storage, hpcloud-objectstorage,
cloudonestorage, walrus(generic), ninefold-storage,
eucalyptus-partnercloud-s3, swift (generic), transient (in-mem)
* note * the pom dependency org.jclouds/jclouds-allblobstore gives you access to
to all of these providers
our loadbalancer api supports: cloudloadbalancers-us
* note * the pom dependency org.jclouds/jclouds-allloadbalancer gives you access to
to all of these providers
we also have aws-cloudwatch support.
we also have support for: ibmdev, mezeo, nirvanix, boxdotnet, openstack nova, scality ring,
hosteurope-storage, tiscali-storage, scaleup-storage, googlestorage,
azurequeue, simpledb, as well as a async-http-client
driver in the sandbox
If you want access to all jclouds components, include the maven dependency org.jclouds/jclouds-all
BlobStore Example (Java):
// init
context = new BlobStoreContextFactory().createContext(
blobStore = context.getBlobStore();
// create container
blobStore.createContainerInLocation(null, "mycontainer");
// add blob
blob = blobStore.blobBuilder("test").payload("testdata").build();
blobStore.putBlob("mycontainer", blob);
BlobStore Example (Clojure):
(use 'org.jclouds.blobstore2)
(def *blobstore* (blobstore "azureblob" account encodedkey))
(create-container *blobstore* "mycontainer")
(put-blob *blobstore* "mycontainer" (blob "test" :payload "testdata"))
Compute Example (Java):
// init
context = new ComputeServiceContextFactory().createContext(
ImmutableSet.of(new Log4JLoggingModule(),
new SshjSshClientModule()));
client = context.getComputeService();
// define the requirements of your node
template = client.templateBuilder().osFamily(UBUNTU).smallest().build();
// setup a boot user which is the same as your login
// these nodes will be accessible via ssh when the call returns
nodes = client.createNodesInGroup("mycluster", 2, template);
// you can now run ad-hoc commands on the nodes based on predicates
responses = client.runScriptOnNodesMatching(inGroup("mycluster"), "uptime",
Compute Example (Clojure):
(use 'org.jclouds.compute2)
; create a compute service using sshj and log4j extensions
(def compute
(*compute* "trmk`-ecloud" "user" "password" :sshj :log4j))
; launch a couple nodes with the default operating system, installing your user.
(create-nodes *compute* "mycluster" 2
(TemplateOptions$Builder/runScript (AdminAccess/standard)))
; run a command on that group
(run-script-on-nodes-matching *compute* (in-group? "mycluster") "uptime"
(RunScriptOptions$Builder/wrapInInitScript false))
* release notes:
* installation guide:
* maven repo: (maven central - the default repository)
* snapshot repo:
* project page:
* documentation:
* javadocs (1.1.0):
* javadocs (1.0-SNAPSHOT):
* community:
* user group:
* dev group:
* twitter:
## License
Copyright (C) 2009-2012 jclouds, Inc.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0