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HackTest is a pure Hack alternative to PHPUnit. In order to use this framework, you must migrate assert calls to use the expect API.


hhvm /path/to/composer.phar require --dev hhvm/hacktest facebook/fbexpect


To run tests:

vendor/bin/hacktest [OPTIONS] tests/

To migrate PHPUnit tests to HackTest:

git clone https://github.com/hhvm/hhast.git
cd hhast
bin/hhast-migrate --phpunit-to-hacktest /path/to/myproject/tests

Tests are methods in classes, where:

  • the class name matches the file name
  • the class name ends with 'Test'
  • the method is public
  • the method name begins with 'test'

Test methods can be async, and will automatically be awaited.

Additionally, classes can implement several special methods:

  • public static function beforeFirstTestAsync(): Awaitable<void>
  • public static function afterLastTestAsync(): Awaitable<void>
  • public function beforeEachTestAsync(): Awaitable<void>
  • public function afterEachTestAsync(): Awaitable<void>

Finally, for data-driven tests, the <<DataProvider>> attribute can be used:

public function provideFoos(): vec<(string, int)> {
  return vec[
    tuple('foo', 123),
    tuple('bar', 456),

public function testFoos(string $a, int $b): void {


"I want to test all files in a directory"

$ bin/hacktest tests/clean/exit/


Summary: 3 test(s), 3 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped, 0 error(s).

"I want to run all tests in a specific file"

$ bin/hacktest tests/dirty/DirtyAsyncTest.php


1) DirtyAsyncTest::testWithNonNullableTypesAsync
Failed asserting that Array &0 (
    0 => 1
    1 => 'foo'
) is not identical to Array &0 (
    0 => 1
    1 => 'foo'

/fakepath/hacktest/tests/dirty/DirtyAsyncTest.php(22): Facebook\FBExpect\ExpectObj->toNotBeSame()
/fakepath/hacktest/src/Framework/HackTestCase.php(43): DirtyAsyncTest->testWithNonNullableTypesAsync()


Summary: 3 test(s), 0 passed, 3 failed, 0 skipped, 0 error(s).

For an example in verbose mode, see example.txt




The HackTest framework is MIT-licensed.