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HHVM Homebrew Formula


HHVM's OS X support is intended for development environments; we do not recommend HHVM on OSX in production.


brew tap hhvm/hhvm
# install the latest version of HHVM:
brew install hhvm
# ... or install the latest 3.27.z release:
brew install hhvm@3.27-lts
# ... or install the latest 3.24.z release:
brew install hhvm@3.24-lts
# ... or install the latest nightly build:
brew install hhvm-nightly

If you need to install multiple versions, look at the documentation for brew switch, brew link, and brew unlink.

We currently provide bottles (binary packages) for Sierra and High Sierra. Earlier versions of MacOS are not supported as HHVM requires recent XCode.

If you build from source, this will take anywhere from twenty minutes on a beefy Mac Pro to a couple of hours on a MacBook Air.

Reporting Issues

  • Only issues with the packaging itself which don't require a change to HHVM should be reported here. This includes things like missing dependencies or an out-of-date formula.
  • Most issues should be reported directly to the HHVM project since they will need to be fixed there. This includes everything from "this code doesn't work on OS X" to "--HEAD doesn't build".

More Information