@fredemmott fredemmott released this Oct 26, 2017 · 104 commits to master since this release

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This release addresses all known inconsistencies.

Recent changes include:

  • Dict\flatten added, which takes a traversable of keyedtraversables for consistency with {Vec,Keyset}\flatten
  • Keyset\from_async added for consistency with {Dict,Vec}\from_async
  • Keyset\merge, Dict\merge, and Keyset\union now require at least one argument (all are variadic)
  • C\{min,max_by,min,min_by} have all been removed in favor of their replacements in the Math\ namespace
  • Math\min and Math\max now take traversables instead of variadics
  • Math\minva and Math\maxva have been added as variadic alternatives
  • \is_hack_array() and \is_any_array() have been removed

Changes since v1.0.0rc1:

  • Math\minv was renamed to Math\minva, Math\maxv was renamed to Math\maxv
  • \is_hack_array() and \is_any_array() have been removed