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Logo Bumblebee

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The easiest and most powerful tool to clean, transform, and prepare data of any size for Analysis, Visualization, Reporting, and Machine Learning; all in a spreadsheet-like interface. Built over Optimus so you can handle small and big data efficiently.

Bumblebee can be used to:

  • Explore data using an ergonomic UI
  • Clean and transform datasets with more than 100 functions available
  • Prepare data for Machine Learning
  • Join and concatenate your datasets with a visual interface


Try Bumblebee

Try Bumblebee using this Docker image.

docker run --name my_instance_name -p 3000:3000 -p 4000:4000 -e ADDRESS=localhost hiprimus/bumblebee:develop

Contributing to Bumblebee

Contributions go far beyond pull requests and commits. We are very happy to receive any kind of contributions including:

  • Documentation updates, enhancements, designs, or bugfixes.
  • Spelling or grammar fixes.
  • corrections or redesigns.
  • Adding unit, or functional tests.
  • Triaging GitHub issues; especially determining whether an issue still persists or is reproducible.
  • Entering our Slack community and helping someone else who needs help.
  • Blogging, speaking about, or creating tutorials about Bumblebee and its many features.