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v0.1.10 - February 2013
This is a maintenance release for Hibari.
This release requires Erlang/OTP R13B04, R14 or R15. R15B03-1 is the
version most recently tested for Hibari.
--- FIXES ---------------------------------------------------------------
- Python EBF Client - Turn on TCP_NODELAY to avoid poor performance
- gdss-brick >> GH6 - set and replace txn doesn't fail (as expected)
--- ENHANCEMENTS --------------------------------------------------------
- Fix minor issues for building Hibari on Ubuntu (for both x86_64 and
ARMv7 architectures). Now Hibari will run on ARMv7 machines from
BeagleBone embedded device to Calxeda EnergyCore(*1) server-class SoC.
- Conditionally enable mnesia partition detector
- EUnit fixes
--- OTHERS --------------------------------------------------------------
- GH1 (manifest/hibari/gdss-ubf-proto): Remove S3 and JSON-RPC from
Hibari main project
- Updates for Erlang R15B
- Add README with mailing list addresses and a short-term roadmap
- Change the copyright holder name from Gemini Mobile Technologies to
"Hibari developers"
*1 Not tested on this platform at the release timing. Tests are
scheduled in Q1 2013.