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  1. Take LMS-constrained courses to the next level and empower tech-savvy educators with an open, collaborative and version-controlled workflow using Markdown and Grav. Includes Admin Panel and Git Sync.

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  2. Leverage a fast version-controlled workflow using the editor of your choice in the creation, sharing and collaborative editing of Markdown-based Grav site content. Includes Admin Panel and Git Sync.

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  3. Create, share and present Markdown-based slides inside or outside of Grav with the Presentation Plugin by @olevik, which uses the best-of-class Reveal.js Framework. Includes Admin Panel and Git Sync.

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  4. A ready-to-fork template to create an open Docsify documentation website, with a link automatically created on each page to edit the source Markdown text in a GitHub or GitLab repository.

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  5. A ready-to-fork template to create a Docsify open course website.

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  6. This Grav plugin displays the Hypothesis sidebar on your site, supporting public or private annotations on any page.

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