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A starter kit to create a Docsify open documentation site.
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What's this Site About?

This is a starter kit to create an open Docsify documentation site, with a link automatically created on each page to edit the source Markdown text in a GitHub or GitLab repository.

📸 Docsify Open Publishing Starter Kit Screenshot

 Docsify Open Publishing Starter Kit Figure 1. Docsify Open Publishing Starter Kit. Explore a demo at

🚀 Quick GitHub Pages Install Instructions

Pre-flight Checklist

  1. GitHub account

Installation Steps

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Go to Settings of your repository, scroll down to GitHub Pages and chose master branch/docs folder (see more details in the Docsify documentation)
  3. And you're done! (view your new site using the provided URL right below your GitHub Pages section - it can take up to 20 minutes for your site to be initially available)

Want to delete the fork dependency of your newly created repository?

  1. Select the + sign in the top right corner, and choose Import repository
  2. Import your forked repository (the new repository won't have the fork dependency)
  3. Delete the original forked repository via the repository settings.

📝 "Edit the Page on GitHub" Link Setup

  1. Edit the file index.html in your repository
  2. Find the sample GitHub repository URL and replace it with your own repository URL, for example
  3. Commit your changes.

💻 Editing your Docsify Site Locally

  1. Tap Clone on your repository page
  2. Choose Open Desktop and follow the prompts, installing GitHub Desktop if not already present
  3. You will now be able to edit your Docsify site (in the docs folder) using the desktop editor of your choice (e.g.
  4. Use GitHub Desktop to push any changes to your repository. Learn more about using GitHub Desktop.

You can also clone (i.e download) a copy of your repository to your computer and run Docsify locally to preview your site. See the below video for details.

Do you use GitLab? You can also use Docsify with GitLab Pages!

📼 Video Walkthrough of Local Docsify Install/Config

Generating Documentation Sites with GitHub and Docsify - Alysson Alvaran
Video 1. Generating Documentation Sites with GitHub and Docsify - Alysson Alvaran

📚 Learn More about Docsify

Docsify Documentation

🙇‍Credits and Special Thanks

Docsify Themeable

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