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A Grav Gantry 5 Atom that displays the Hypothesis sidebar on your Grav site.
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Gantry 5 'Hypothesis' Atom for Grav

Atoms are small, modular blocks with preset scripting that enable you to add elements to your Grav Gantry 5 pages.

Installing the Atom

Before installing and using the Atom, it is suggested you temporarily enable Gantry's Development Mode

  1. Open the folder for your active theme in the user/data/gantry5/themes/ folder of your Gantry installation. For example, if you are using the Helium theme open the folder user/data/gantry5/themes/g5_helium.
  2. If a particles folder already exists within the theme folder open it, otherwise create it.
  3. Upload hypothesis.html.twig and hypothesis.yaml files into the particles folder. For example, if you are using the Helium theme copy the two particle files into user/data/gantry5/themes/g5_helium/particles.

Using the Atom

  1. Add the Atom to your theme's 'Atoms' area on the 'Page Settings' panel.

Page Options

Once the particle is installed, Grav pages will support the following Page Header/FrontMatter option:

hide_hypothesis: true    # hide Hypothesis sidebar on this page