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A Grav CMS theme template and matching blueprint to use a custom page type to display Cards.
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Grav Theme Card Template and BluePrint

This Template and Blueprint combination provides the ability to include an Card into any Grav Page, with the ability to easily edit the content of an Card within the Grav Admin Panel.

Installing the Template

  • Copy the file embedlycard.html.twig to the templates folder in your active Theme folder

Installing the Blueprint

  • Copy the file embedlycard.yaml to the blueprints folder in your active Theme folder

Using the Installed Template and Blueprint in the Admin Panel

  1. Add a new page, using the Embedlycard template: New Embedly Card Page
    It is recommend that Visible is set to No to avoid adding a numeric prefix to the default page filename.

  2. Display the newly created Embedly Card within a Page, either by using the Page Inject plugin ([plugin:page-inject](/my-embedly-card)) or by using Twig (e.g. {{ page.find('my-embedly-card').content } }}).

Editing an Embedly Card Page in the Admin Panel

Editing Embedly Card Page

Using the Embedly Card Template in Page Frontmatter

title: 'My Embedly Card'
embedly_card_title: 'Discover the Unknown – Phase 1 of the DLD Process'
embedly_card_url: ''
published: true
routable: false
visible: false

##### Paul's Web Pick of the Week

Example Embedly Card Page

Example Embedly Card Page