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Get Ready and Download
Expected Technical Skills
  • Previous CMS or LMS experience (e.g. WordPress, Moodle, etc.)
  • Markdown or HTML basics
  • Understanding folder hierarchies (i.e. relative links)
  • Webserver FTP or Cpanel access
  • GitHub, GitLab, or equivalent working knowledge (if Git Sync feature used)
1.1 If you do not already have a Git service account (i.e. GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.) then sign up for one
1.2 Download the standard Course Hub skeleton package

From the site at or via this direct link:

You can also download two variations of Course Hub - Basic Course Hub (with fewer example pages and features shown) or Advanced Course Hub (with more example pages and features shown).

1.3 Log into your Webhost cPanel and go to the File Manager area