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title: Open Publishing Space
    category: docs
    'twitter:card' : summary
    'twitter:site' : @hibbittsdesign
    'twitter:title' : Overview | Grav CMS in Open Education
    'twitter:description' : All you need to know to get started with the open source Grav CMS Open Publishing Space skeleton package.
    'twitter:image': ''

Open Open Publishing (Blogging) Space

Grav Open Publishing (Blogging) Space Space with Git Sync is designed to help organizations or individual tech-savvy authors more easily publish, share and collaboratively edit Markdown-based blogs or Websites.

Open Publishing Space

One or more Open Publishing Space pages can also be embedded into another system (i.e. LMS) with the 'Chromeless Pages' option, which hides global navigation elements.

Explore a sample Open Publishing Space site at

Download Open Publishing Space