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Cloning a GitLab Repository

1. Copy URL of Repository

1.1 Go to your GitLab project (repository) and tap on "HTTPS" to view that address for the repository

1.2 Copy the HTTPS address of your GitLab project repository

2. Clone Repository to Desktop

2.1 Tap the "File" menubar item and choose "Clone Repository..."

2.2 Paste the previously copied HTTPS URL into the repository URL field.

Change the default provided for "Local Path" if needed.

2.3 Tap the "Clone" button.

2.4 Tap the "Repository" menubar item and view it's local folder

On a Mac, choose "Show in Finder"

On Windows, choose "Show in Explorer"

2.5 Review the files of your cloned GitLab repository.

You can now edit these files locally, and use GitHub Desktop Beta to push changes to your GitLab repository.