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Hibernate OGM Redis

Version: 5.2.0.Alpha1 - 08-09-2017


This project integrates Hibernate OGM with Redis.

For running the tests in the redis module an installed Redis server is required. Specify its host name by setting the environment variable REDIS_HOSTNAME prior to running the test suite:

export REDIS_HOSTNAME=redis-machine

If this variable is not set, the redis module still will be compiled and packaged but the tests will be skipped. If needed, the port to connect to can be configured through the environment variable REDIS_PORT.

Tests with the redis module can be started using a Makefile. The Makefile takes care of downloading and compiling a recent Redis version, starts a single Redis Standalone and four Redis Cluster nodes and can start the tests.

 make test # Make me happy and run tests against Redis Standalone and Redis Cluster
 make test-standalone
 make test-cluster

Commands to spin up/shut down the Redis instances:

make start
make stop


This software and its documentation are distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser Gnu Public License (see license.txt).