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Implement an default annotation for @GeneratedValue(generator = "uuid") @GenericGenerator( name="uuid", strategy = "uuid2")
  this is a very common id generation strategy in the cloud

Implement OgmEntityPersister#postInstantiate createUniqueKeyLoaders
Loaders are supposed to behave differently depending on the lock mode targeted. Should OgmLoader do the same
  A priori yes (eg should UPGRADE / UPGRADE_NOWAIT influence how to get an object from the grid?
Add support for loadQueryInfluencers in OgmLoader in particular, the fetch profiles
in OgmEntityPersister#createLoaders, handle cascading merge and refresh

LockingStrategy is dependent of the Dialect and is database specific
Ask Steve about a potential GenericType to extract SQL style API
Should we do an abstracter class for AbstractEntityPerister to handle all the non persistent store logic?
Use org.infinispan.atomic.AtomicMapLookup#getAtomicMap
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