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+How to build
*Starting with development of version 4.0, Hibernate uses Gradle ( as its build tool.*
This README describes some of the basics developers and contributors new to Gradle need to know to get productive quickly.
-Here is a list of resources to obtain more detailed information about Gradle:
+To start with - here is a list of resources to obtain more information about Gradle:
* The Gradle User Guide :
* Gradle DSL Guide :
@@ -12,15 +20,13 @@ Executing Tasks Across All Modules
To execute a task across all modules, simply perform that task from the root directory. Gradle will visit each
subproject and execute that task if the subproject defines it.
Executing Tasks In Specific Module
To execute a task in a specific module you can either:
1. `cd` into that module directory and execute the task
2. name the "task path". For example, in order to run the tests for the _hibernate-core_ module from the root directory you could say `gradle hibernate-core:test`
Common Java-module tasks

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