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Commits on May 3, 2012
  1. @gbadner

    prep for 4.1.3.Final

    gbadner authored
  2. @gbadner
  3. @gbadner
  4. @gbadner
  5. @sebersole
  6. @sebersole

    HHH-7274 - Developer Guide reverses discussion of CMTTransactionFacto…

    sebersole authored
    …ry and JTATransactionFactory
Commits on May 2, 2012
  1. @bvarner @sebersole

    Renamed the test case to be more consistent.

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  2. @bvarner @sebersole

    Cleaned up the dialect error conversion a little bit for PostgresSQL.…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    … I was doing more than I needed to.
    Updated the LockTest to enable another nowait test for postgresql.
  3. @bvarner @sebersole

    Yes, much cleaner...

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  4. @bvarner @sebersole

    Changing the test case to no longer fail when PersistenceException is…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    … thrown. This feels sooo wrong.
    I know dialects aren't mapping lock exceptions properly, and this test case exposes that if you fail the test when PersistenceException is thrown. So what do I do now?
    There are other tests in this very test class that don't fail the build when the wrong exception is thrown, even though they clearly should.
  5. @bvarner @sebersole

    Adding a test case for HHH-7252. In this branch, the test case curren…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    …tly fails for PostgreSQL matrix tests, unless HHH-7251 is also applied.
  6. @bvarner @sebersole

    Added a test case for HHH-7251

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  7. @bvarner @sebersole


    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    The code was a bit non-obvious (assignment in a method call argument) where it was being done, and the local variable (lockOptions) assignment was missing in the find() method implementation.
    I changed all instances of lockOptions assignment to assign before the method call where it's required as an argument, ensuring proper scope for exception mapping.
  8. @bvarner @sebersole

    HHH-7251 PostgreSQL dialects now convert proper HibernateExceptions f…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    …or Deadlock / lock timeout (not available with NOWAIT query).
  9. @pb00068 @sebersole

    testcase for HHH-7245 (Inline natural-id synchronization doesn't

    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
    consider objects loaded from shared cache)
  10. @pb00068 @sebersole


    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
  11. @pb00068 @sebersole


    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
  12. @pb00068 @sebersole

    HHH-7278 testcases

    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
  13. @pb00068 @sebersole


    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
  14. @sebersole

    HHH-7265 - ConcurrentModificationException in SynchronizationRegistry…

    sebersole authored
    …Impl.notifySynchronizationsAfterTransactionCompletion due to SynchronizationRegistryImpl.clearSynchronizations clearing SynchronizationRegistryImpl.synchronizations
  15. @gbadner @sebersole
  16. @gbadner @sebersole

    HHH-7265 : ConcurrentModificationException in SynchronizationRegistry…

    gbadner authored sebersole committed
  17. @sebersole
  18. @ShawnClowater @sebersole

    Temporary fix until the SPIs can be reworked. Remove the transaction …

    ShawnClowater authored sebersole committed
    …observer on Session close and added some checks to ensure the session is still open when the listeners fire.
Commits on Apr 29, 2012
  1. @lukasz-antoniak
Commits on Apr 27, 2012
  1. @sebersole
  2. @sebersole
  3. @stliu
  4. @stliu
Commits on Apr 26, 2012
  1. @sebersole
  2. @galderz
Commits on Apr 25, 2012
  1. @stliu

    add sybase 15.7

    stliu authored
  2. @sebersole
Commits on Apr 24, 2012
  1. @lukasz-antoniak
  2. @ShawnClowater @sebersole


    ShawnClowater authored sebersole committed
    Adding unit tests for the transaction coordinator when using shared transaction context.
    One test to show that Sessions are leaked to the transaction observer, one to show that afterTransactionCompletion is not called on any session other than the main and finally one to show that the original session cannot be reused if child sessions were autoclose or flushBeforeCompletion.
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