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Commits on May 14, 2012
  1. @lukasz-antoniak
Commits on May 13, 2012
  1. @lukasz-antoniak

    Typo in a comment

    lukasz-antoniak authored
  2. @lukasz-antoniak
  3. @stliu

    fixing test case, was a typo

    stliu authored
  4. @Sanne

    memory adjustment

    Sanne authored
  5. @Sanne
Commits on May 11, 2012
  1. @gbadner

    HHH-7317 : Boolean values bound to parameters in SQL predicate cause …

    gbadner authored
    …failures using DB2 with deferPrepares = true
  2. @gbadner

    HHH-7316 : Collection removal actions added by DefaultAutoFlushEventL…

    gbadner authored
    …istener.onAutoFlush() are not removed when flush is not needed
Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. @sebersole

    HHH-7198 - SQLServer2005Dialect.getLimitString turns tablenames to lo…

    sebersole authored
    …wercase -> SQLGrammarException: when mapping tables with capital letters
Commits on May 3, 2012
  1. @sebersole
  2. @sebersole
  3. @lukasz-antoniak
  4. @stliu

    HHH-7198 HHH-3961

    stliu authored
  5. @pb00068 @stliu

    fixed testcases

    pb00068 authored stliu committed
  6. @pb00068 @stliu

    HHH-7198 SQLServer2005Dialect.getLimitString turns tablenames

    pb00068 authored stliu committed
    to lowercase
  7. @pb00068 @stliu

    Testcases for

    pb00068 authored stliu committed
    HHH-3961 SQLServerDialect, support nowait in LockMode.UPGRADE_NOWAIT 
    HHH-7198 SQLServer2005Dialect.getLimitString turns tablenames to
    lowercase -> SQLGrammarException
  8. @pb00068 @stliu

    Pull-request for HHH-3961

    pb00068 authored stliu committed
  9. @gbadner
  10. @gbadner

    prep for 4.1.3.Final

    gbadner authored
  11. @gbadner
  12. @gbadner
  13. @gbadner
  14. @sebersole
  15. @sebersole

    HHH-7274 - Developer Guide reverses discussion of CMTTransactionFacto…

    sebersole authored
    …ry and JTATransactionFactory
Commits on May 2, 2012
  1. @bvarner @sebersole

    Renamed the test case to be more consistent.

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  2. @bvarner @sebersole

    Cleaned up the dialect error conversion a little bit for PostgresSQL.…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    … I was doing more than I needed to.
    Updated the LockTest to enable another nowait test for postgresql.
  3. @bvarner @sebersole

    Yes, much cleaner...

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  4. @bvarner @sebersole

    Changing the test case to no longer fail when PersistenceException is…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    … thrown. This feels sooo wrong.
    I know dialects aren't mapping lock exceptions properly, and this test case exposes that if you fail the test when PersistenceException is thrown. So what do I do now?
    There are other tests in this very test class that don't fail the build when the wrong exception is thrown, even though they clearly should.
  5. @bvarner @sebersole

    Adding a test case for HHH-7252. In this branch, the test case curren…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    …tly fails for PostgreSQL matrix tests, unless HHH-7251 is also applied.
  6. @bvarner @sebersole

    Added a test case for HHH-7251

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
  7. @bvarner @sebersole


    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    The code was a bit non-obvious (assignment in a method call argument) where it was being done, and the local variable (lockOptions) assignment was missing in the find() method implementation.
    I changed all instances of lockOptions assignment to assign before the method call where it's required as an argument, ensuring proper scope for exception mapping.
  8. @bvarner @sebersole

    HHH-7251 PostgreSQL dialects now convert proper HibernateExceptions f…

    bvarner authored sebersole committed
    …or Deadlock / lock timeout (not available with NOWAIT query).
  9. @pb00068 @sebersole

    testcase for HHH-7245 (Inline natural-id synchronization doesn't

    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
    consider objects loaded from shared cache)
  10. @pb00068 @sebersole


    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
  11. @pb00068 @sebersole


    pb00068 authored sebersole committed
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