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5.2.0 includes many improvements and bug-fixes. For a complete list of changes, see https://hibernate.atlassian.net/projects/HHH/versions/23150/tab/release-report-done.

Many of the changes in 5.2.0 have important ramifications in terms of both usage and extension. Be sure to read the 5.2 Migration Guide for details.

Below is a discussion of the major changes.

Java 8 baseline

5.2 moves to Java 8 as its baseline. This means:

  • The hibernate-java8 module has been removed, and that functionality has been moved into hibernate-core.
  • Native support for Java 8 date/time types as Query parameters.
  • Support for streaming (java.util.stream.Stream) query results.
  • Support for java.util.Optional as return from methods that may return null.
  • Leveraging Java 8 "default methods" when introducing new methods to extension points.

Consolidating JPA support into hibernate-core.

That effectively means that the hibernate-entitymanager module no longer exists. Its functionality being consumed into hibernate-core.

JCache support

Support for using any JCache-compliant cache impl as a second-level caching provider.

Session-level batch size support

Support has been added for specifying a batch size for write operations per Session.