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Hibernate Search

Version: 5.8.0.Final - 13-09-2017


Full text search for Java objects

This project provides synchronization between entities managed by Hibernate ORM and full-text indexing services like Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch.

It will automatically apply changes to indexes, which is tedious and error prone coding work, while leaving you full control on the query aspects. The development community constantly researches and refines the index writing techniques to improve performance.

Mapping your objects to the indexes is declarative, using a combination of Hibernate Search specific annotations and the knowledge it can gather from your existing Hibernate/JPA mapping.

Queries can be defined by any combination of:

  • "native" Apache Lucene queries
  • writing "native" Elasticsearch queries in Json format (if using Elasticsearch, which is optional)
  • using our DSL which abstracts the previous two generating optimal backend specific queries

Query results can include projections to be loaded directly from the index, or can materialize fully managed Hibernate entities loaded from the database within the current transactional scope.

Hibernate Search is using Apache Lucene under the cover; this can be used directly (running embedded in the same JVM) or remotely provided by Elasticsearch over its REST API.


This version of Hibernate Search requires:

  • Java SE 8
  • Hibernate ORM 5.2.3.Final or a later 5.2.x
  • Apache Lucene 5.5.x

Hibernate ORM versions 5.2.0.Final, 5.2.1.Final and 5.2.2.Final are NOT fully compatible.



Include the following to your dependency list:


Sourceforge Bundle

Download the distribution bundle from SourceForge and unzip to installation directory. Then read the documentation available in docs/reference.

Building from source

> git clone
> cd hibernate-search
> mvn clean install -s settings-example.xml

Build options (profiles and properties)


The documentation is based on Asciidoctor and is automatically generated from the standard maven build.

> mvn clean install -s settings-example.xml

This will produce both documentation in both HTML and PDF formats.

You can then find the freshly built documentation in the following location:

> ./documentation/target/asciidoctor/en-US

The Elasticsearch module tests against one single version of Elasticsearch at a time, launching an Elasticsearch server automatically on port 9200. You may redefine the version to use by specifying the right profile and using the property, while disabling the default profile:

> mvn clean install -P!elasticsearch-5.2,elasticsearch-2.0

The following profiles are available:

  • elasticsearch-2.0 for 2.0.x and 2.1.x
  • elasticsearch-2.2 for 2.2.x and later 2.x
  • elasticsearch-5.0 for 5.0.x and 5.1.x
  • elasticsearch-5.2 for 5.2.x and later 5.x (the default)

A list of available versions for can be found on Maven Central.

Alternatively, you can prevent the build from launching an Elasticsearch server automatically and run Elasticsearch-related tests against your own server using the and properties:

> mvn clean install

If you want to run tests against an older Elasticsearch version (2.x for instance), you will still have to select a profile among those listed above, and disable the default profile:

> mvn clean install -P!elasticsearch-5.2,elasticsearch-2.2

You may also use authentication:

> mvn clean install

Also, the elasticsearch module (and only this one) can execute its integration tests against an Elasticsearch service on AWS. You will need to execute something along the lines of:

> mvn integration-test -pl elasticsearch<The full URL of your Elasticsearch endpoint><Your access key><Your secret key><Your AWS region ID>


New contributors are always welcome. We collected some helpful hints on how to get started on our website at Contribute to Hibernate Search

Source code structure

The project is split in several Maven modules:

  • backends: Remote backends receiving an indexing job and executing it via different protocols.

  • build-config: Code related artefacts like checkstyle rules.

  • distribution: Builds the distribution package.

  • documentation: The project documentation.

  • elasticsearch: All code relating to the Elasticsearch integration.

  • engine: The engine of the project. Most of the beef is here.

  • integrationtest: Integration tests with various technologies like WildFly, Spring and Karaf. Also includes performance tests.

  • modules: Integration with WildFly using JBoss Modules.

  • orm: Native integration for Hibernate ORM, and also home of most public API code.

  • serialization: Serialization code used by remote backends.

  • testing: Various helper classes to write tests using Hibernate Search. This module is semi private.


Latest Documentation:

Bug Reports:

Free Technical Support:


This software and its documentation are distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser GNU Public License (see lgpl.txt).