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Commits on Dec 9, 2010
  1. @emmanuelbernard
  2. @emmanuelbernard
  3. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-625 Reverting the surefire plugin version makes the test fail…

    hferentschik authored
    …ure for DoNotCloseOnLockTimeoutTest go away
  4. @hferentschik
  5. @hferentschik
  6. @Sanne @hferentschik
  7. @Sanne @hferentschik
  8. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-625 remove all SearchExceptions being thrown from Workspace a…

    Sanne authored hferentschik committed
    …nd handle them directly instead
  9. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-625 catch exceptions thrown by…

    Sanne authored hferentschik committed
  10. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne

    HSEARCH-640 Must start/close the Session before the JTA transaction

    emmanuelbernard authored Sanne committed
    otherwise a managedflush yells about a closed session
  11. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne
  12. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne

    HSEARCH-640 Mark JoinableCMTTransaction as markedForJoined

    emmanuelbernard authored Sanne committed
    Using reflection to avoid dragging HEM as a dependency
    mark the transaction for join before begining it
  13. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne
  14. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne

    HSEARCH-640 Wrap runnable calling session.beginTransaction() into a J…

    emmanuelbernard authored Sanne committed
    …TA transaction starter
  15. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne
  16. @emmanuelbernard
  17. @emmanuelbernard
  18. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  19. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Adding a further reading chapter with some links to books…

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
    … and online documentation
  20. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Reviweing the query chapter

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
  21. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Removing the warning for the numeric feature. If we want …

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
    …to add a warning it
    is part of another issue. Also reformatted several examples.
  22. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  23. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Changing some section titles

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
  24. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  25. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Reviewing the mapping chapter

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
    First walk through the mapping chapter. More things can be done. Especially the
    @ProvidedId section needs some more work. We probably have to show a concrete
    usecase (Infinispan!?). Maybe the whole section should go to advanced features?
  26. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  27. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  28. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  29. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  30. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Updating sharding section

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
  31. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  32. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard
  33. @hferentschik @emmanuelbernard

    HSEARCH-637 Reviewing Getting Started chapter.

    hferentschik authored emmanuelbernard committed
    Updating links and requirement section.
  34. @Sanne
  35. @emmanuelbernard @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-630 Rename limitFetchingTimeTo to limitExecutionTimeTo

    emmanuelbernard authored hferentschik committed
    rename API and doc
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