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Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. @hferentschik
  2. @hferentschik
  3. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-915 adding a profile to add tools classes to surefire plugin.…

    hferentschik committed
    … this way no property needs to be set in settings.xml
  4. @hferentschik
  5. @Sanne
  6. @Sanne
  7. @Sanne
  8. @hferentschik
Commits on Sep 13, 2011
  1. @Sanne @hferentschik
  2. @Sanne @hferentschik
  3. @Sanne @hferentschik
  4. @abrin @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-881 committing performance enhancement for HibernateSearch to…

    abrin committed with hferentschik
    … store the
    value of a getter temporarily and use it to populate sequential matching
    values in the array.  @Fields are split by the @Annotation processing
    into Sequential values in the propertiesMetadata arrays.
    Also modifying BusStop and LazyCollectionsUpdating test to include test
    for change
  5. @Sanne @hferentschik
  6. @Sanne @hferentschik
  7. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Moving DefaultIndexReaderAccessor into org.hibernate.sear…

    hferentschik committed
    Adding some more parameter validation checks to the open methods
  8. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Cleaning up the javadocs for IndexReaderAccessor

    hferentschik committed
    Refactored DirectorySelectionTest and added some more test. Moving some IllegalArgumentException creation into Log
  9. @Sanne @hferentschik
  10. @Sanne @hferentschik
  11. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-902 and HSEARCH-911 : Shutdown should not log a warning about…

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
    … forcing the index lock release & Workspace implementors have to release IndexWriter on IO errors
  12. @Sanne @hferentschik
  13. @Sanne @hferentschik
  14. @Sanne @hferentschik
  15. @Sanne @hferentschik
  16. @Sanne @hferentschik
  17. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Test expectations

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
  18. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Implement possibility to open IndexReaders by explicitly …

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
    …listing the names of targeted indexes
  19. @Sanne @hferentschik
  20. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Simplify SearchFactory implementation: move IndexReader r…

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
    …elated logic to a separate class
  21. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-903 Moving methods dealing with IndexReader to ad-hoc interfa…

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
    …ce (keep SearchFactory clean)
  22. @Sanne @hferentschik

    typo in docs

    Sanne committed with hferentschik
  23. @hferentschik
  24. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-711 Implementing test for norm storing using LeakingLuceneBac…

    hferentschik committed
    Moving LeakingLuceneBackend into o.h.s.t.util
  25. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-711 Fixing a typo

    hferentschik committed
  26. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-711 Making the functional changes in AbstractDocumentBuilder …

    hferentschik committed
    …and DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity for the changes in the Field parameters
  27. @hferentschik
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