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Commits on Nov 16, 2011
  1. @hferentschik
  2. @hferentschik
  3. @hferentschik
  4. @hferentschik
  5. @hferentschik
  6. @hferentschik
  7. @hferentschik
  8. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-960 FieldMetadata logs now a warning in case a inconsistent f…

    hferentschik authored
    …ield configuration is detected
  9. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-960 Extending BytemanHelper to be able to track method invoca…

    hferentschik authored
    …tions (there might be better ways to do that, not sure)
  10. @hferentschik
  11. @hferentschik
  12. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-960 Taking first steps towards resolving HSEARCH-918. Doing t…

    hferentschik authored
    …his prior to introducing a warning for fields indexed with the same field name, but different analyzer options
  13. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-960 Formatting

    hferentschik authored
  14. @hferentschik
  15. @hferentschik
  16. @hferentschik
  17. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-960 javadocs

    hferentschik authored
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
  1. @Sanne

    HSEARCH-973 Mismatch in MultipleSFTestCase setup/teardown makes FSSla…

    Sanne authored
    …veAndMasterDPTest depend on order of execution
  2. @Sanne
  3. @Sanne

    HSEARCH-973 FSSlaveAndMasterDPTest uses an unsafe way to create it's …

    Sanne authored
    …test directories (was depending on test order)
  4. @Sanne
  5. @emmanuelbernard @Sanne

    HSEARCH-973 Please the JBoss Logging Tool annotation processor so tha…

    emmanuelbernard authored Sanne committed
    …t it does not get in the way
  6. @Sanne

    minor test polish

    Sanne authored
Commits on Nov 11, 2011
  1. @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-853 Some more javadoc changes and renaming addTransaction to …

    hferentschik authored
  2. @Sanne
  3. @Sanne
  4. @Sanne


    Sanne authored
  5. @Sanne
  6. @Sanne
  7. @Sanne
  8. @Sanne
  9. @Sanne
  10. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-961 Avoid initialization of proxies during PersistenceContext…

    Sanne authored hferentschik committed
    … state check
  11. @Sanne @hferentschik
  12. @Sanne @hferentschik

    HSEARCH-961 Adding a testcase using READ_WRITE

    Sanne authored hferentschik committed
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