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HV-518 - Add copyright file

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1 parent c255081 commit d8a3341fde531db8a92dfe2a19f8f231b2e47757 @kevinpollet kevinpollet committed Dec 6, 2011
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22 copyright.txt
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+Alaa Nassef
+Carlos Vara
+Dag Hovland
+Davide Marchignoli
+Emmanuel Bernard
+Federico Mancini
+Gavin King
+George Gastaldi
+Gerhard Petracek
+Gunnar Morling
+Hardy Ferentschik
+Henno Vermeulen
+Juraci Krohling
+Justin Nauman
+Kevin Pollet
+Paolo Perrotta
+Pete Muir
+Shane Bryzak
+Steve Ebersole
+Strong Liu

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