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Hibernate Validator TCK Runner

This maven module allows to run the Bean Validation TCK against Hibernate Validator. There are several ways of doing this:


You can run the test as normal unit test using a JVM forked by the Surefire plugin. This is the default mode and used when running

$ mvn clean test

By default this will run the tests with a security manager enabled in order to make sure Hibernate Validator invokes security-relevant APIs using privileged actions. You can run the tests without the security manager e.g. for analysis purposes like this:

$ mvn clean test -Dwith-security-manager=false

The policy file is located at src/test/resources/test.policy. You may need to adapt the URL of the Hibernate Validator engine entry depending on your specific set-up, e.g. when obtaining these classes from engine/target/classes while running the tests from within an IDE.

In container

You can also run the TCK test against Wildfly. In this case the tests are bundled as war files and executed in a remote Wildfly instance (the HV dependencies are updated to the latest SNAPSHOT version):

$ mvn clean test -Dincontainer

You can enforce the TCK via:

$ mvn test -Dincontainer -Dtck.version=1.1.2.Final

You can find more information about the Bean Validation TCK here.

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