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using System;
using Rhino.ServiceBus.Config;
using Rhino.ServiceBus.Internal;
using StructureMap;
using StructureMap.Interceptors;
namespace Rhino.ServiceBus.StructureMap
public class ConsumerInterceptor : TypeInterceptor
private readonly IConsumerInterceptor interceptor;
private readonly IContainer container;
public ConsumerInterceptor(IConsumerInterceptor interceptor, IContainer container)
this.interceptor = interceptor;
this.container = container;
public object Process(object target, IContext context)
var type = target.GetType();
var lifecycle = container.Model.For(type).Lifecycle;
interceptor.ItemCreated(type, string.IsNullOrEmpty(lifecycle) || lifecycle == "Transient"); //got to be a better way for this
return target;
public bool MatchesType(Type type)
return typeof(IMessageConsumer).IsAssignableFrom(type);
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