Updating to 2.0

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The major change for RSB in v2.0 is that it is now container agnostic. As of this writing RSB has support for Castle Windsor, Unity, Autofac, and StructureMap. Due to amount of dependencies RSB previously had on Castle Windsor quite a few changes were necessary. The choices made to make things agnostic were made partly to break the dependency, and second to make the least amount of change necessary for existing users. Below details the various things that require change. If I have missed anything please feel free to let me know on the mailing list, or edit this page to fill in the parts I missed.

Container Setup

public class StartupCode
    public StartupCode()
        var container = new WindsorContainer();
        new RhinoServiceBusConfiguration()
            .UseCastleWindsor(container) //can be any of the containers supported
            .UseStandaloneConfigurationFile("MyOwn.config") //not required

Bootstrapping changes

If you inherited from AbstractBootstrapper, you must change to inherit from container specific bootstrapper.

LoadBalancer Bootstrapping

You must now specify the container specific LoadBalancerBootstrapper assembly when using Rhino.ServiceBus.Host. For instance you would specify the assembly to be Rhino.ServiceBus.Castle.dll and optionally specify the CastleLoadBalancerBootstrapper in the host service options.

Configuration Section

    <section name="rhino.esb" type="Rhino.ServiceBus.Config.BusConfigurationSection, Rhino.ServiceBus"/>
       <bus threadCount="1"
        <add name="Rhino.ServiceBus.Tests"
        <add name="Rhino.ServiceBus.Tests"