Example Java EE application showing how to use Hibersap and the Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP in combination.
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This is an example project for a Java EE application using Hibersap
and the Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP. The application implements
a search for customers from the Flight Booking demo application in
SAP. The application displays the search results and allows for 
changing the data of individual customers in SAP.

The project shows how easy it is to call SAP functions from within
EJBs making use of Container Managed Transactions. It calls function
module BAPI_FLCUST_GETLIST to search customers and BAPI_FLCUST_CHANGE
to change the customer data.

The application uses the HibersapSessionInterceptor on an EJB to
automatically inject a Hibersap Session. The Interceptor will take 
care of correctly opening and closing the Session.

A Singleton EJB is used to configure Hibersap, create a SessionManager
and bind it to JNDI when the application gets started.

The user interface is implemented using JSF2 and JBoss RichFaces.

More info for the individual projects can be found here:
- Hibersap: http://www.hibersap.org
- Cuckoo: http://sourceforge.net/p/cuckoo-ra