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OwO What's This

General fun commands, NSFW commands, simple moderation commands and more!

Discord Bots Server

Commands (Outdated, use the help command to view the full list)

Command Category Info
8ball General Ask 8ball a question owo
animepic General Get a random anime pic
discrim General Get users with the same discriminator
urban General Search urban dictionary
keygen General Generate random numbers and letters
lmgtfy General Let me google that for you :^)
flip General Flip a coin
info General Get the bots info
cookie General Give someone a cookie OwO
crypto General Get cryptocurrency information
discriminfo General Get the server stat discrimination info
botinfo General Get the bot/other bots info
vote General Vote OwO
qr General Generate a QR Code
help General Help!
setlang General Set the bots language!
channelinfo General Get the info about a channel
whois General Get user information from ID/Finding users from other servers who cant be found normally.
coffee General Get a coffee pic
serverinfo General Get the servers info
userinfo General Get a users info
avatar General Get a users avatar
permissions General Check the permissions of a user in a channel.
find Audio Find audio
now Audio Whats playing now
skip Audio Skip a song
disconnect Audio Disconnect from the voice channel
repeat Audio Repeat a song.
play Audio Play a song
volume Audio Change the volume
pause Audio Pause a song
queue Audio Show the queue
stop Audio Stop a song
shuffle Audio Shuffle a queue
upload Audio Upload a file to store.
redeem Audio Redeem your token
trapcard Audio Trap a user
donate Audio Donate!
dehoist Moderation Dehoist users with non ascii usernames
latency Moderation Get the bots latency
poll Moderation Start a poll
unban Moderation Unban a user
unmute Moderation Unmute a user
kick Moderation Kick a user
rename Moderation Rename a user
ban Moderation Ban someone
mute Moderation Mute someone
massban Moderation Massban multiple user ID's from your server
snipe Moderation Snipe the last deleted message from the channel
purge Moderation Purge messages in a channel
card Roleplay A Loli Card Roleplaying Game owo
imgwelcome IMGWelcome IMGWelcoming
profile Economy Get a users profile or yours
setdesc Economy Set your profile description
top Economy Show the top users
register Economy Register a bank account
coinflip Economy Coinflip $$
rep Economy Rep a user
transfer Economy Transfer a user $
blackjack Economy Play blackjack
daily Economy Get your daily bonus
bank Economy Show the total bank value
food Fun Get a random food recipe
md5 Fun Convert to md5
owoify Fun OwOify text
whowouldwin Fun Who would win owO
dedragonic Fun Dedragonify text
dragonic Fun Dragonify text
butts Fun butts
tweet Fun Tweet as someone
nichijou Fun Nichijou gif generation
toxicity Fun Get toxicity levels of text
shitpost Fun Get a random shitpost
deepfry Fun Deepfry a image
weebify Fun Weebify a image notices bulge OwO Whats this
changemymind Fun Change my mind generation
meme Fun Meme gen
b64 Fun base64 converter
isnowillegal Fun make stuff illegal
awooify Fun AWOOOOOOIfy someone
feed Fun Feed a user
thiccen Fun Thiccen an image
lovecalculator Fun Love calculator <3
captcha Fun Captcha Image Gen
boom Fun Boom reactions
bitconnect Fun Bitconnect meme
duck Fun Get a random duck
iphonex Fun Image in an iphonex
ship Fun Ship users OWO
gif Fun Search giphy
joke Fun Get a joke
jpeg Fun Needs More JPEG
lizard Fun Get a random lizard pic
cat Fun Get a random cat
kannagen Fun Kanna generation
fight Fun Fight a user
baguette Fun Baguette!
clyde Fun Clyde image generation
monkaS Fun /shrug
achievement Fun Generate an achievement
dog Fun Get a random dog
blurpify Fun Blurpify an image
rude Fun Rude!
bodypillow Fun Turn someone into body pillow
threats Fun Get threats OwO
blurplate Fun Blurpify + JPEGify a user
widen Fun widen an image
doujin NSFW OwO Whats this
yandere NSFW Get a random image from yandere
cumsluts NSFW Creamy images
gonewild NSFW Gonewild subreddit
thighs NSFW Get thighs of 3d wamen
lewdkitsune NSFW Lewd a kitsune, not a loli!
4k NSFW 4k grill
boobs NSFW I wonder what this does
girl NSFW 3D < 2D women btw
phsearch NSFW Search for loods
hentai NSFW Get 2D wamen pics owO
ass NSFW 👀
anal NSFW :zoomeyes:
pgif NSFW :ultraeyes:
bigboobs NSFW :hyperthink:
nsfw NSFW Make a channel NSFW or disable NSFW
rule34 NSFW Get an image from rule34
owo Reactions OwO
deredere Reactions Get a deredere image
stare Reactions stares
blush Reactions blushes
punch Reactions Punch someone
cry Reactions Cry
sumfuk Reactions sumfuk
discordmeme Reactions Get a discord meme
trap Reactions Get a trap meme
cuddle Reactions Cuddle someone
banghead Reactions bang your head
dab Reactions DAB DAB DAB on them haters
pout Reactions pout
hug Reactions hug someone
foxgirl Reactions get a foxgirl
initiald Reactions Get an initiald image
megumin Reactions get a megumin image
kiss Reactions Kiss OwO
nom Reactions Nom nom nom
shrug Reactions /shrug
thinking Reactions thonk
lick Reactions Lick lick lick
pat Reactions Pat pat pat
confused Reactions ???
poke Reactions poke poke
wasted Reactions Wasted weeb meme
insult Reactions Insult someone
sleepy Reactions Get some sleep!
greet Reactions Greet someone
jojo Reactions Get a jojo meme
dance Reactions Dance!
neko Reactions Get a neko or a lood neko in an nsfw channel owo
lewd Reactions thats lewd! >~<
rem Reactions Get a rem image
why Reactions WhyyyYYY!?
tickle Reactions tickles
poi Reactions Get a poi image
bang Reactions Bang bang
triggered Reactions Get a triggered meme
insultwaifu Reactions Insult someones waifu
slap Reactions Slaps
bite Reactions bites
overwatch Games Get overwatch stats
pubg Games Get PUBG stats
osu Games Get OSU Stats
minecraft Games Get Minecraft Stats
marry Marriage Marry Someone OWO
divorce Marriage Divorce ;w;