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ACT-OverlayPlugin skin for FF14. pronounced as /ka-ge-row/ (not j-like g).

Modern, Material Design, easily configurable, cloud-hosted and always up-to-date.


OverlayPlugin Required!!!

If you are using older version, settings WILL NOT saved!

If there's 2 buttons: you are on legacy. Get Latest here. There should be 3 buttons, named like this: Copy, Open DevTools, Reload. See screenshots below.


Quick setup

No download needed, please first read Warning above. Use this as overlay URL:



  1. Open ACT.
  2. Plugins > OverlayPlugin.dll > Add 'Mini Parse' with any name (e.g. Totoro).
  3. Read warning below.
  4. Go to the new tab (e.g. Totoro), and set url as above.

detailed instructions

Features / Screenshots

Overlay Preview

  • Solo Mode
  • History lookup
  • Merge/Unmerge Pet stats
  • Blur/Unblur other user's name
  • Configurable info table (column width, ordering, colors, etc.)
  • (WIP) Display abbreviated name, instead of full long name
  • Localization: Korean, English, or Add your language!

Settings window - General

  • Fully configurable, no Notepad! (Settings require OverlayPlugin to Save)

CSS Customizing; HotS logo spinning

  • Custom CSS: Setting isn't enough? Expand as you want!
    Use the DevTools to find the CSS selectors that you wish to modify.

how to use custom CSS and DevTools


If you are not developer

Since I only play on korean server, I need your feedback and suggestion for Global server support.

Pending features:

  • ?


  • Pull Requests is welcome, but please keep this code clean as possible.
  • 2 spaces.
  • NO semicolon in Javascript, except ;(function.
  • 80 char per line. Inline SVG is an exception, keep them in one line.
  • No raster images; exclude job icons, use SVG.
  • Target is Chrome 45, when support of other platform is needed and code should follow that; then I'll use Babel.
  • Locale file is in share/lang.