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Get Timesheet and Attendance numbers onto a Payslip
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Now part of Hibou's HR & Paroll

Hibou - Odoo Timesheet Attendance on Payroll Payslips

Provides worked days and hours line on Payslip based on employee timesheet attendances.

'Timesheet Attendance'



Simply install the module, and all approved timesheet attendance lines will appear under a worked days line of "ATTN".

There will be a new contract field, under wage, for 'Paid Hourly' to be used in salary rules.

This module does not override any salary rules, but this is a sample BASIC rule to use the hours as an hourly employee. This rule could be modified to include 'time and a half' style of overtime.

'BASIC Rule'


Please see LICENSE.

Copyright Hibou Corp. 2016

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