A command-line version of the Happn app.. with super powers!
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The most comprehensive command-line version of the Happn app.. with super powers!


login -> get a fresh API key
name -> change your username
about -> change your about info
list -> show match details
inbox -> show your conversations
chat -> start a conversation
findme -> show the location of your iPhone on a map
whoami -> show your Happn info
key -> show your current API key
newimage -> upload an image to your profile
showimages -> show all your uploaded images


warandpeaceout -> send the whole of war and peace as a message to a victim. 
viewing it will crash their app so they will not be able to delete it.
brute- -> bruteforce all historic crossings (new to old)
brute+ -> bruteforce all hostoric crossings (old to new)
charmrace -> take pasted list of ids and try to charm them all via a charm decrement race condition.
spoof -> spoof a location (unfinished)
xssdemo -> XSS PoC on happn.com


demochat -> start a conversation with the Happn bot
demoinbox -> show your conversation with the Happn bot