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Initial version of the data file to power the schedule

It is currently a local file but for the final app it will be a remote
file that can be pulled down on start of the app (although it would be
good to work without network connectivity as well).
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+Time=9am-10:15am,One=Keynote: Geometric Theory of Everything
+Time=10:30pm-11:45pm,One="Social Media - Dan Zelikman, John Garcia, Tara Coomans",Two="Gov. Tech: Mobile Apps, Web & Broadband - Gordon Bruce, Forest Frizzell, Yuka Nagashima"
+Time=noon-1:00pm,One="Lunch (outside)"
+Time=1:15pm-2:30pm,One="Mobile Development - Cory Shaw, Rama MacIntosh, Chad Podoski",Two="Kukui Cup (Gamification of Energy Conservation) - Philip Johnson & Robert Brewer"
+Time=2:45-4:00pm,One="Ignite - See speaker list below"
+Time=4:15-5:30pm,One="3D CG & Animation - Todd Robertson & Ryan Brant"

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