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TODO for cortado
- recover from discont in oggdemux
- implement Query duration/position, not sure how to do that since
we only have the byte position. possibly put duration as a param or
maybe do a single seek for the last page to get the last granule position.
We need position/duration in time to implement current position in the
GUI since using the byte position would result in values way past the
actual playback position because of buffering.
- clean up some issues with pause/play stuttering.
- disable sound option
- possibly use java2 image functions?
- network speed?
- pop up an error dialog for when
doing at Source)
at com.fluendo.player.Cortado.start(
at Source)
to tell the user his stream and his applet need to be on the same server
- generate cortado.spec
- ant release generates "stripped" jars that are bigger than debug jars
- generate during build only when it is not already there
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