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Version 1.1
© 2006-2007 Rob Church
The Sort extension introduces a <sort> tag to MediaWiki markup, which
simplifies the creation of sorted lists. The sort direction and
list type can be customised.
== Requirements ==
The Sort extension requires MediaWiki 1.7.0 or later.
== Installation ==
1. Check out all extension files from Subversion and place them in a
"MinimumNameLength" subdirectory within your MediaWiki "extensions"
2. Add the line
require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/MinimumNameLength/MinimumNameLength.php" );
to your LocalSettings.php file
Installation can be verified through the [[Special:Version]] page on the wiki.
== Using the extension ==
Sort adds a new tag, <sort>, to the MediaWiki markup, which can be inserted
while editing. The syntax of this tag is:
<sort order="[order]" class="[class]">
List item one
List item two
The order and class attributes are optional, and are used to customise the
sort direction and list type generated. By default, Sort will generate an
alphabetically sorted unordered list. Each item in the list should go on
a new line.
Wiki links can be used; list tokens (i.e. # and *) will be trimmed.
The following are valid order values
* asc - ascending sort (default)
* desc - descending sort
The following are valid class values
* ul - unordered [bulleted] list (default)
* ol - ordered [numbered] list
== Change log ==
Version 1.1
July 23, 2007
Major code refactoring
Trim existing list tokens
Version 1.0
June 23, 2006
Initial release
== Feedback ==
All feedback, bug reports, etc. welcome via <>.
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