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README for the ContactPage extension
Copyright © 2006 Daniel Kinzler
Licenses: GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
          GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)

The ContactPage extension implements a contact form for visitors. It 
creates a special page Special:Contact, which is similar to
Special:Emailuser, but it has a fixed recipient, and can be used


The ContactPage extension was originally written by Daniel Kinzler in 2007
and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). It is based on
the code in SpecialEmailuser.php in the MediaWiki core.
The internationalization files contain contributions by several people;
they are mentioned in each file individually.

== Installing ==

Copy the ContactPage directory into the extensions folder of your 
MediaWiki installation. Then add the following lines to your
LocalSettings.php file (near the end):

  require_once( "$IP/extensions/ContactPage/ContactPage.php" );

  $wgContactUser = 'WikiAdmin';
  $wgContactSender = 'apache@' . $wgServerName;
  $wgContactSenderName = 'Contact Form on ' . $wgSitename;

== Configuration ==

$wgContactUser must be the name of a registered wiki user, who has 
supplied an email address, has user-to-user email enabled, and has
confirmed his/her email address if that is required on this wiki
(see $wgEmailAuthentication).

$wgContactSender must be the email address used as the sender of the
contact email. Depending on the setup of your web host, this may have to
be an existing mail account.

$wgContactSenderName is the name associated with the contact sender.
This will be shown in the recipient's email program.

If you are using the ConfirmEdit extension (captchas), you can require
a captcha test for sending contact messages by using the following:

   $wgCaptchaTriggers['contactpage'] = true;

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