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This is the script for generating data dumps for Wikimedia's public wikis.

== Architecture ==

As of March 2007, the architecture has been split into two parts:

=== Worker ===

Each dump machine runs a worker process which continuously generates dumps.
At each iteration, the set of wikis is ordered by last dump date, and the
least-recently-touched wiki is selected.

Workers are kept from stomping on each other by creating a lock file in
the private dump directory. To aid in administration, the lock file contains
the hostname and process ID of the worker process holding the lock.

Lock files are touched every 10 seconds while the process runs, and removed
at the end.

On each iteration, the script and configuration are reloaded, so additions
to the database list or dump code will be made available without manually
restarting things.

=== Monitor ===

One master machine runs the monitor process, which periodically sweeps all
wikis for their current status. This accomplishes two tasks:

* The index page is updated with a summary of dump states
* Aborted dumps are detected and cleaned up

A lock file that has not been touched in some time is detected as stale,
indicating that the worker process holding the lock has died. The status
for that dump can then be updated from running to stopped, and the lock
file is removed so that the wiki will get redumped later.

== Code files ==
- Runs a dump for the least-recently dumped wiki in the stack.
- Generates the site-wide index summary and removes stale locks.
- Shared classes and functions

== Configuration ==

Configuration is done with an INI-style configuration file wikidump.conf.
Configuration files in the script directory, /etc, and $HOME are used
if available, in that order.

FIXME: add a sample file

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